Spiderpocalypse! A Low-Budget Horror Film for the Stage

ensemble theatre · eight legged productions · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by PAUL ROGUS

June 20, 2015 certified reviewer
tagged as: disappointing

My overall impression

6/19 Unfunny and painful to watch as the ridiculous fun camp of giant talking spiders is hamstrung by some terrible scenes of domestic angst. Nothing like the poster. Did I and the other reviewers see the same play? Best moment was when someone dropped a set of keys and the actors actually talked to one another rather than taking turns announcing lines or screaming loudly. It’s fixable though. The Barista “Coffee-man” and his Bateman Batman rasp was fun. 1) Let’s see more fun improve style acting as ridiculous as this concept. 2) Clean up the story and staging – wasn’t clear who the recorded voice over opening was for – I didn’t care for that whole “family is #1” subplot anyway – it doesn’t belong in this project and the show could clip along. 3)Staging! Argh! So many pointless and confusing scene changes. At least add a narrator or classic B movie exposition to tell us where we are or what’s happened off stage. The opening Starbucks scene could cut the table and have the Barista serve through the upstage window. 4)Characters! – B Movies are full of stereotypes or at least archetypes. Scientist Mom nailed the acting style for this!!! Was the “kid” brother played by a 20something supposed to be 12? I’ll buy that if you either add a line that he’s supposed to be 12, or have him act like a kid. Jezebel – If you’re playing against those “types” then embrace that. But there was no acknowledgement that our female lead was a short, fat, shrill, dumpy, unsympathetic character – lots of potential humor was missed here ala Melissa McCarthy who makes us laugh and cheer for her.

Loose the google eyes on the spider puppets or make them red. They need to be scarier even though they have a human hand up their butt.

I wonder if anybody actually reads these reviews…

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