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Review by LISA K. WYATT

June 19, 2015 certified reviewer
tagged as: gleeful · sci-fi musical · hilarious · nerdgasm · Fun!

My overall impression

A riotously gleeful romp through time and space written and performed by a talented troupe that clearly understands musical structure and genre. From Kat Primeau’s hauntingly beautiful first note as the titular Timeheart they capture the tone of old school sci-fi perfectly. The sheer joy of Chris Bramante’s delightfully awkward and hopeful Bruce Greenstreet is infectious. Molly Dworsky sings some gorgeous numbers as Melody McMoon and has a sweet and tart chemistry with Greenstreet. The entire cast is top notch and clearly game for anything.
Timeheart is unabashedly silly and unexpectedly touching while hitting every trope a sci-fi fan could hope for. A genre love letter imprinted on silly putty and stretched to glorious proportions.

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