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family friendly world premiere
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June 19, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

The only that that is missing from this show is a Broadway set. I loved this show. Fantastic, lush harmonies. Some really cool shoegaze sort of dream psych pop from “The Timerheart” shhh… you don’t know who that is yet. Funny, funny bits and very clever use of the stage. I’ve seen a lot of shows in this theatre and never have I felt that the stage felt more full and used than this show. Wonderfully blocked and I had a really great time seeing this show. Good use of the lighting too! You will not go wrong buying a ticket to see this show. I’d see it a second time. Shout out to “All Ties” who is just elfin’ hilarious. Ridiculously hilarious. A campy musical that will satisfy the geek and theatre lover at the same time. Also Dr. Who fans. You’ll just like this a lot. Stop reading this review and buy a ticket already.

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