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family friendly world premiere
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June 18, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

TIMEHEART is a an achievement in pure, genuine theatrical genius.

This show has all the makings of a hardcore cult classic! From the ominous beginning with the “Timeheart” setting the scene, to the epic finale where “Bruce Greenstreet” is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, this show takes the audience on a retro sci-fi adventure that is worth every penny.

What makes this show so wonderful is the cast. Each character is sold to us 100%, and the world they create, live, and breathe in, is so well conceived, it draws the viewer into this crazy time warp and never lets up.

Coming from an improv troupe, this show blends the best of both worlds of scripted and “off the cuff.” It allows the talented cast to use their improv skills to keep these characters fresh, and help them come to life in the most authentic way. TIMEHEART is a glorious creative endeavor and their hard work and attention to detail show loud and clear during the magical performance.

This is a must see for people of all ages!

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