ensemble theatre · cdc dramatics · Ages 18+ · United States of America

KINK is not about sex.
Nor is a play about Bondage or different hues of grey.
It’s all about perceptions and how much of the world we miss.

It’s about how we don’t know are neighbors anymore. There was once a time where streets would get together to throw cookouts. Where people living across the street would ask to borrow a cup of sugar. Where there was one person in the area who knew every little thing that went on, on your block.

I feel like the more the world gets connected, the farther we grow from those living right next door. I can talk to my mom face to face And she lives in Costa Rica. But I think I have had 3 conversations with my downstairs neighbors, and I know absolutely nothing about anyone else on my street.

We walk down the street and we try not to make eye contact with people we pass, cause god forbid they might be a sex pervert or they might want to actually talk to us and keep us from ordering our Triple Seasonal Latte.

So Kink is about what happens when you are forced to interact with your neighbor. It’s all about how we perceive those living closest to us, but don’t take the time to learn what they like to do on their free time.

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