The Miranda King George Show

solo performance · faerieland creations unlimited · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere

Debuting at COMEDY CENTRAL STAGE on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 8pm. Check out my website:

The Miranda King George Show starring Felice Heather Monteith is a wondrously hilarious sketch comedy talk show, helmed by the peerless Miranda King George who is the most self-aggrandized entertainment reporter in “The Biz”. This locally renowned journalist, shines in her self-titled World Premiere local access TV show which is filled with Grammy Award worthy-ish singing and must see interviews with the most moderately and minimally famous people she could find. There are outrageous situations that cause you to spontaneously high five the person next to you as well as an in-depth special report that will make you wet your pants juuust a little; and isn’t that what we all come to the theatre for? Laughter, entertainment and a wee bit of pee!

The Miranda King George Show, giving the people what they want. Genuinely spontaneous laughter that requires bladder control or a diaper. It’s that funny. You’re welcome!

This show includes Adult Content and Brief Nudity.
One actor as ten women in one hour.

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Production Team

felice heather monteith *

lead actor, writer and executive producer

lisa easley *


jeffrey rizzi *

cast - miranda king george's personal assistant

* Fringe Veteran