Branson the Sitcom

comedy · sam burkett entertainment · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly

After a nasty divorce, an LA makeup artist/ recovering addict takes her 2 daughters and her manic-depressive best friend on a cross-country trip to find a place to start over, winding up in Branson, Missouri.

Production Team

sam burkett *

writer, director, producer

kristine sisco *

minette allen

bj lange *

larry gillis

fred galindo *

stage manager

norma jean *

carla gillis

jeff kaye *

steve bewley

stephanie rojas *

camera operator a

robbie klay *

jim andrews

jaiden geller *

amber carter

mckenzie burke *

michelle carter

chris parrish *

claire rogers

joe integlia *

camera operator b

paul maselli *

blake tillman

* Fringe Veteran