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Old Friends

ensemble theatre · old friends theatre company · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Based on the book “Forty Crazy Years of Friendship” written by Richard Hulse, “Old Friends” is a one act play about deep friendships:

The BMOC (Big Man On Campus) – The popular, heroic friend who always comes through in a bind. He is the coolest guy in the neighborhood.

The Best Friend – The person who you have known for years, through good times and bad. The person you love, admire, and appreciate.

The Intellectual Family Member – The person who will take an analytical stance to remove emotion from the room. The person you want to mediate all differences.

The Comic Relief – The person who brings levity to each situation. You wonder how you get anything done, but your smile removes the confusion.

The Scorned Brother – The person who is tormented by your good fortunes. The very person who loves you and hates you, and carries a deep passion toward both emotions.

This is a story of one man’s journey in dealing with the unexpected death of his best friend. They are reunited in the best friend’s burnt condominium to take a walk down the path of remembrance and reconciliation to the demons within.

We are all reminded of our childhood…

Reminded of our triumphs…

Reminded of our losses…

Reminded of all of the secrets that were kept…

Reminded of the joy…

Reminded of the pain…

And through it all.. We are reminded of what makes a us whole…

our old friends.

Through Hulse’s moving tribute to his best friend, I have written this play to celebrate the story of these friends who shared the very essence of what life is all about. Death leaves a hole that is difficult to heal, but love leaves memories that no one can steal. Join us in celebrating this story with us. You’ll be glad that you did.

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"If you are a human being in LA, you NEED to see this show!" "Long-overdue and distressingly relevant." "Raw and powerful. Heartbreaking and hilarious."

WHOAH! LOOKS GOOD! Seriously. #Seriously

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