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Some Girl(s), by Neil LaBute

ensemble theatre · mahoobla productions · Ages 21+ · United States

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June 14, 2014
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My overall impression

And the Fringe Award goes to…

In all of my years viewing Fringe shows in New York or Los Angeles I always seem to find one show and an actor that stand out to me, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014 is no exception. Some Girl(s) Penned by the great Neil LaBute, is like an emotional interrogation of past lovers and girlfriends.

The shows stand out performances belong to Gregory James (Guy), Rachel Parker (Lindsay), and Brianne La Flair (Bobbi)

Gregory James does an exceptional job digesting the tedious mouthfuls of LaButes writing. His delivery is internal and refreshingly natural. The sheer amount of dialog that he delivers and had to have memorized for this role is impressive enough. But his internal discovery of the words is what I commend him for.

Rachel Parker is a great conclusion to the first act. Her performance is driven by her physicality and impeccable timing. Her character is authoritative, vulnerable, and devious.

Brianne La Flair currently has my vote for Best Actress of Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014. Brianne La Flair opens the 2nd act with naturally spoken dialogue and emotional depth that is real. Her performance is both present and distant as she projects layers of emotions and inner dialogue to the audience while keeping a true, very authentic connection with Guy (Gregory James). In a venue as intimate as as 3 Clubs, seeing such a natural performance like Mrs. La Flairs is a privilege.

I would absolutely suggest adding Some Girl(s) to your Fringe list.


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