NOTE's Theatrical Mash Up

ensemble theatre · theatre of note · Ages 14+ · United States

Theatre of NOTE presents a small tasty sample of its ensemble’s talents by showcasing some of its members doing what they do best – PERFORMING. Come join Theatre of NOTE as it shares its ensemble’s NOTE-able skills with the Hollywood Fringe audience.

Sun 6/15 @ 4 pm
featuring: Dani Collins & Heart & Soul (Kathy Dietch)

Sun 6/22 @ 9 pm
featuring: Michelle Gardner, Nicole Sipriconi & Richie Werner

Tues 6/24 @ 10 pm
featuring Debbie Jaffe & Zac Puchtell; Phil Ward & Richie Werner’s Karaokeapocalypse

Wed 6/25 @ 8:00 pm
featuring: The Bronies, Michelle Gardner & Richie Werner’s Karaokeapocalypse

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran