100 (K)nightsof the Urban Geisha: a sex/love worker memoir

solo performance · mariko passion media · Ages 14+ · United States

one person show world premiere

Mariko Passion, a 13 year sex and love worker artist and activist from San Francisco reads and reenacts from her forthcoming memoir 100 K(nights)of the Urban Geisha detailing 100 nights of sex work from whore revolutionary to Sacred Whore Evolutionary in Los Angeles. This promises to not be a salacious tale of Asian trafficking victims needing celebrity rescue!

Journey with this compelling, creative and talented storyteller as she takes you on her transformative journey from days of raising a fist in resistance as a Whore revolutionary to meditating and facilitating healing sessions in her current embodiment as Sacred Whore evolutionary.

Early writings can be found on her blog marikopassion.wordpress.com which detail the triumphs, traumas and politics of her whore revolutionary days. “Sexual violence was a continuum for me in an out of the industry; I used sex work as a form of empowerment, self discovery and resistance though I often put myself in precarious situations. I believed “sex work was not a choice” because I felt that I was drawn to this work to resist the multiple oppressions Asian and other women of color sex workers faced in criminalized bodies. I’ve been robbed, arrested, verbally abused and chased out of homes so at the time I would resent anyone who thought of that as a choice. I thought I was resisting the victim mentality by raising a fist and taking martial arts to defend myself, then I was led to the very key to ending the cycle of violence, struggle and pain—but it wasn’t to exit the sex industry.” Mariko Passion’s current sex work includes facilitating healing sessions to individual men, women and couples as a Sacred Intimate and Tantra Goddess in Los Angeles. She lives a rich and fulfilling LOVE life with her art, music, sex work, and clients, approaching her 13th year in the industry, a former high school teacher, 2 college degrees and NO plans of exiting anytime soon.

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