Chitlin Blues: Dancing in the Grey

dance & physical theatre · theatre roscius · Ages 14+ · United States

family friendly world premiere
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R M certified reviewer June 27, 2014
The description of this piece sounds amazing, but mostly contained many sections of uninteresting choreography repeated for a very long time, punctuated by songs that were unexpressive. The actors were clearly feeling things, but in an insular way that didn't share anything with the audience. Very difficult to sit through.... full review
JENNIE WEBB certified reviewer June 12, 2014
Originally posted on Bitter Lemons - "Fringe Femmes" | Chitlin’ Blues: Dancing in the Grey” concept by Constance Strickland | It’s pretty amazing: the unspoken power of a actor wearing blackface. Constance Strickland is, obviously, well aware of its impact and uses this and other powerful images to put together an amazing, “eclectic mix of physical theatre & vaudeville.” The result is a haunting, visceral study of race and gender that is at once disturbing and absolutely beautiful. Within Chitlin’ Blues, Strickland and Memory Willis take on many roles, from male minstrel performers to seductive burlesque dancers to domestic partners. They’re joined onstage by Ruth Reynolds as Lillie, a pale, fragile figure in underclothes who loo... full review
ENCI BOX certified reviewer June 12, 2014
This is a beautiful performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival! This non-traditional show performed by four actresses will take your breath away! It is a MUST SEE!... full review
KEITH BUSH certified reviewer June 28, 2014
I'd seen Guebri VanOver and Constance Strickland before in one other show together, "HerSheMe," which was also written and I think directed by Constance. Having studied theater for 4 years at Cal State Long Beach and being that I want to make my career in acting for TV and film, I can say that I am honestly impressed by both Ms. VanOver's work and Ms. Strickland's work, the level of which has been consistently good through the two shows I've now seen them in. They both bring a physical intensity to their work that pulls you right into them and does not let go. They live in their characters for those 45 minutes you're watching them, and it's absolutely fascinating to watch.... full review
KITTY MONTEZ certified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: Beautiful · Amazing acting
You guys were absolutely amazing! It was such an interesting play. I was never sure where it might go. I loved the characters and how each one of them seemed to have a different struggle but they all were somewhat similar. I loved it. I'm glad that I got to see it.... full review
LEILANI MARIE certified reviewer June 29, 2014
I left with the realization of what this show spoke to me about how I can change the cycle, about how I can take notice and about how I can be....I'm sure people left with different perspectives but that is what this show does. Interesting all around, I'm glad I saw it.... full review