Driven by Demons presents Thunder in the Index/PUSH

ensemble theatre · nu dymensionz · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · United States

Thunder in the Index by: Phillip Hayes Dean
Directed By: Keenan Carter
estimated run time 45min

Thunder in the Index. The action takes place in the psychiatric ward of a large city hospital, where Joshua Noon, a hip young black man, lies bound in a straightjacket. His pleas, to be unshackled lead to a sharp, funny and exacerbating verbal duel with the attending physician, Dr. Goldberg, in which desperate and perhaps irreconcilable worlds of the two men are brought vividly into focus. But, ironically, the self-assured Dr. Goldberg is ultimately revealed to be an escaped patient himself, which leaves, in the end, the tantalizing question: Who is really mad, the kept or the keeper?

Keenan Carter- Actor at heart and now discovering the craft of directing, choose this piece to illuminate the struggle and fight we have as people against Authoritative Powers, blind hatred that is instilled in our generation and how it all effects each individual Identity.

PUSH By: George Cameron Grant
Directed By Jai Marquel Pellerin
Estimated run time 29 min

What would it take to push your child over the edge? Eve, a 16 year-old girl, has fallen asleep in the darkened, dingy corner of a deserted subway station, not far from the platform edge where Billy, her 18 year-old brother, chose to leave this world, and where she’ll soon struggle to find the reasons NOT to follow him. ONE BULLIED CHILD IS ONE TOO MANY!

PUSH, a tool for healing, is at once brazen, benevolent and beautiful. I urge schools everywhere to incorporate this important play into their educational program to address bullying, and to help teach tolerance, acceptance and understanding.” – Donna Finn, Principal, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Astoria NY

Jai Marquel Pellerin – Producer, Director, Actor, Artist. Push touched me the moment I read the play. I knew this was a story that needed to be told, shared, and heard. Who gets to truly decide who you are or when you get to be accepted for finding your own self, your Identity? I feel incredibly excited and grateful to present this piece of work, this piece of life, to you.

Live, Love, Laugh… And enjoy the show!!! :~D

production team

jai pellerin *

producer/ director

keenan carter *


* Fringe Veteran