YOLO...Solo: #postgradproblems

solo performance · kate poisson · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 23, 2014 lemon lounge

My overall impression

I experienced Yolo Solo on its preview night at the Theatre Asylum on Santa Monica. Around Theatre Asylum is not much but just a little ways down is Fringe a Central and parking is scarce so I recommend coming early just in case. Yolo is a one woman show explaining the life of Kate Poisson and her move to Hollywood pursuing her career in acting and the struggles we face in society trying to be what people want us to be and having to always say “yes” when striving to be in this business. Overall the story is very relatable with touches that everyone can relate to and can get a bit of a laugh. Although the act has real life touches there is some work to be done to connect it to the generation we live in today. Poisson overuses mentioning hashtags and is slightly cliché in trying to relate it to the millennials younger than her. With that being said if you love a bit of raunchy humor and want a pretty accurate view into the mind of women in our generation then this is a must see for you. I enjoyed Kate and her take on the world and the way she pieced her show together and with a little bit of work, Yolo Solo could be a huge success.

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