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June 13, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

This is a difficult review to write because I felt that one of the actors was good but the script was not. I gave it a Pretty Good because of the actor. Otherwise, I’d say it’s Not My Thing.

Andrew Boyle became each of his multitude of characters smoothly and with strong definition. Each character was recognizable and interesting, skirting stereotypes without becoming them. A truly strong, engaging and reliable acting job.

Whereas his partner, Laura Emanuel needs work on her delivery. Many of her choices were general and not specific. Lines were delivered quickly at times without making strong choices. Unfortunately, her speech and diction need work making her difficult to listen to. Imagine Sarah Paulson without the finesse and acting chops.

I realize this may not fully be Laura’s “fault” as the script was useless. Pointless. And painful. Who wants to listen to a bored rich housewife complain about having nothing to do? Nobody! I’m actually annoyed that the playwright subjected me to 90 minutes of whining. If the character is unhappy, then tell that story but have her go through a change and growth. Running a marathon, which seems to be the character’s solution, isn’t interesting enough to put on stage. Nobody changes in this piece. I kept waiting for Waitless to pay off… it doesn’t and you’re just left Wait…ing.

My recommendation is to skip it and Wait to see Andrew Boyle acting with a better script.

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