Made in America

ensemble theatre · chest of diamonds · United States

A touching and spirited story that takes you behind the life of a national treasured Navy SEAL returning home after the release of his autobiography, to his only family remaining, a resentful younger brother. Made in America is a stirring drama that takes the heart and mind on a turbulent ride.

“There is no bond quite like that of two brothers, and this story puts that bond to the test. To see, firsthand, the type of influence society has on our hearts, and the volcanic issues that can arise between families because of it. Watch as two men battle on the fields of Pride, Love, and Identity as a once loving town turns their back on them. Director Kathleen Randazzo unveils each moment ingeniously – one moment with a gentle kiss, and the next with animalistic fervency. I am proud and greatly honored to bring to life a journey that people from all walks of life will connect with.” Writer, Joseph Atash

Production Team

joseph atash *


aria emory *


* Fringe Veteran