musicals and operas · #wtfit productions · Ages 16+ · United States

family friendly includes nudity world premiere

This is a rock movie musical about John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s love being told through original music written by Anzu Lawson and Joerg Stoeffel.
Though fraught with challenges and tribulations, their message of PEACE & LOVE is more relevant today than it was the day they shocked the world by appearing naked on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.
The vision is to tell the unprecedented and still untold story of a love that changed the world and defined an era.
Directed by Nell Teare
Lyrics by Anzu Lawson
Music by Anzu Lawson & Joerg Stoeffel
Screenplay by Anzu Lawson
Story by Anzu Lawson & Amy Ball
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Production Team

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