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Picasso's Women: The Darker Side of Genius

ensemble theatre · c.a.p.s. (productions) · Ages 18+ · United States

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Picasso’s Women: The Darker Side of Genius, originally a long One-Act, was developed by director Aramazd Stepanian and the cast into a Two-Act play dramatizing significant aspects and events of Picasso’s relationships with his ‘main’ mistresses and his first wife. Set in 1954, but “gliding” back and forth in time and place, we see the darker side of the most important and influential artist of 20th century. We also see the strengths and the weaknesses of the women that effected Picasso’s attitudes and actions throughout his life and career.
“Director Aramazd liberates what could be a torrid affair into one of intrigue and sympathy. Picasso’s works are continually projected, attaching his themes and periods that correlate with the women. The effect is mesmerizing. As are the performances. Everyone shines.” M. Jarrett Christensen- The Tolucan Times

production team

mikael oganes *
sound design
liana bassior *
marie-therese walter
robert alter *
paul eluard
anna mcniven *
jody bardin *
technical director

* Fringe Veteran