Dramatis Personae

solo performance · vespertine productions · Ages 14+ · United States

one person show
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June 17, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

An inquisitive audience member asked a friend prior to the shows start the following: “Is it even possible for a one-man show that runs 65 minutes to be entertaining?” What I viewed not only answered that question with a resounding “YES!”, but it brought more to the table than just the idea of an enjoyable performance.

Dramatis Personae is a show that defies expectations by simultaneously celebrating and lampooning Theatre History in a magical way. Rewinding time back to the Greeks and presenting the audience with a comical presentation that lambastes the art form of the one-man show, Personae deftly presents the genres that have came to pass, along with the hurdles solo performers have to overcome. The shows directors Sean Dillon and Curtis Krick deserve plenty of praise for the work they’ve choreographed with performer Kristopher Bicknell, as they briskly take the audience through the ins-and-outs of Theatre History.

Bicknell gives a tour-de-FARCE performance that ranges from Commedia Dell’Arte to more modern-based performances a la Sam Shepard without missing a beat. Bicknell’s performance is unrelenting as the energy never drops and his grip on the audience never loosens. Dramatis Personae’s playful concept of an actor closely identifying with a role can be seen with Bicknell and the role he latches to, on stage; as Bicknell’s performance will certainly live on in the minds of many audience members, they will recall the thespian’s wit and skill for a lifetime.

Dramatis Personae only runs for two more performances and it would be a shame for this show to close out with small audiences, so please grab your friends, family, and all loved ones and bring them along on either Monday June 23rd (@ 8:30 PM) or Friday June 27th (@ 7:00 PM). Let fill these seats and send this show off with the audience it deserves!!!

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