Gimplecapped: A Journey of "Inspiration"

cabaret & variety · sore thumb group · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere
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SHEILA ROSENBERG certified reviewer June 18, 2014
What impressed me most about Gimplecapped was the ability of the writers and actors to pull off a show that was funny, sincere and so honest. I left feeling entertained and moved, without feeling lectured at. I already knew Regan Linton could write well, but I was repeatedly impressed by the cleverness and the humorous nuances of the material that Regan and Laura Alsum created. The cast brought the show to life with great timing and delivery and played off each other so well. I brought a guest to the show, who commented that the show moved quickly, and managed to deliver a different message with each sketch, which was cleverly accentuated by the signs on the stage. I highly recommend this show because it is fun and funny and fresh. The a... full review
MICHAEL RIZZO certified reviewer June 21, 2014
tagged as: Black humor
Wry humor along with some uncomfortable situations (on purpose) makes this a good show to see Skits are a bit hit or miss with more hits than misses Really enjoyed the restraint skit - very on target Good one to go to... full review
ROSEANNA BELLINOSTRICKLAND certified reviewer June 22, 2014
tagged as: Gimplecapped
I enormously enjoyed this show. I've worked with "disabled" people for over 30 years and laughed at each skit in this show which really told it truthfully and hilariously. I especially enjoyed the "Alone" segment. My daughter is an actress. She is Oriental but has an American last name. She has had many frustrating encounters with directors who never looked at her headshot and were angry because she wasn't Caucasian. This show is worth seeing for all who live in our amazing world of diversity. ... full review