Channel - Color of Life

solo performance · hitomi morikawa · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · United States

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You have never seen any Art like this

It’s gonna be in Japanese and English.

June 22nd will be in English

June 13th,14,25th will be in Japanese, but you will understand even it is in Japanese because the story is very simple and main point is the acting. If you do not enjoy the show, the money will return. :)

  • CHANNEL – Color Of Life

I would like to invite you to “artEst world” you’ve never seen.

Being transparent, being able to show your raw emotion is

the most challenging piece for any actors.


True Emotion, Love, Happiness, Sadness, Anger…..

Changing the emotion immediately like changing TV channel.

When your heart moves, there is a special moment with emotion.

You will be surprised that how much your heart will move

by sharing actor’s emotions.

  • STORY *

The story is about Love, Freedom and

Making own dreams come true.

There is a lady who is changing the TV channel to watch.

But when she change the channel,

the actor will be in the character in the TV drama or Movie.

Scary Movie, Action Movie, Love Romance, Family Drama etc.

There are totally different characters, locations, stories,

but the actor has to be a character immediately.

One moment, actor will be a criminal,

but next moment, you will be priest.

Share the Emotions. and Feel Love & Move your heart!


Hitomi Morikawa

production team

* Fringe Veteran