Poly Bunker Sings

comedy · sly fortress productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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PICK OF THE FRINGE! By Combined Artform

Three short plays (in which Poly Bunker never sings). Through different types of relationships – open, forced, and unrequited – we explore love, lust, and obtuse obsession… and then bask in their related repercussions.

Episode One: The Open Relationship – In this comedic vignette, a polyamorous household discovers that their lifestyle is causing more pain than pleasure.

Episode Two: The Forced Relationship – In this mind-bending vignette two apparent strangers are brought together under puzzling circumstances, compelling them to examine their relationship to each other, themselves, and the outside world.

Episode Three: The Unrequited Relationship – In this musical vignette, Darlene (pronounced Darlin’) searches for the man of her dreams to make her dreams come true… but Hollywood hits her hard.

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rana rines *


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