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52 Pick Up

ensemble theatre · acting 4 camera · Ages 15+ · family friendly · Canada

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June 27, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

The concept of a randomized order of scenes that would create a compete and fulfilling story was the hook that got me in the seat. Each scene has enough vital information to help string the pieces together and for the audience to make connections and callback to references. Did it pay off? For a 50 minute show, I found myself wishing there were less cards in a deck. I wish the title were 32 Pick Up instead. However, having a random show order and a rotating cast, who’s to say the next one wouldn’t blow my socks off. The dialogue was quick and relatable but seemed to drag in the hands of the night’s two performers as if they were simply reciting from memory and not really in the moment. But they didn’t take themselves too seriously and even broke character a few times which actually made me chuckle so I can’t fault them completely. All-in-all a fun night of interesting theatre where cutting the deck is an entirely new experience.

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