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52 Pick Up

ensemble theatre · acting 4 camera · Ages 15+ · family friendly · Canada

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June 21, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

The idea behind 52 Pick-Up is that every show is different, that through the end of time you would never see the same show twice. I wanted to test that theory to see just how different the second time around would be. Not only were the scenes different but the actors as well, one of the actors at least. This time the woman was played by Kym Jackson and the man again by Darren Schnase. Darren was as good, if not better than the first time I saw it and Kym gave a different and more grounded sensibility and yet didn’t seem as connected to Darren’s character as Emily Grace. It was surprising, as always to see the order of the scenes, this time they seemed grouped together to explain the end of the relationship and work backwards which left the last scene as an odd ending, being one of the shortest in the piece. It was unfortunate that soon after the play started the projection of the scene titles went out leaving a big Dell logo up throughout the show. Despite the technical glitches and perhaps because I was more aware of the scenes, I looked forward to each and every one of them with anticipation precisely because I knew what will be coming and how the pieces fit together.

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