Consider the Night

ensemble theatre · the others · United States

world premiere
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June 23, 2014 certified reviewer
tagged as: Feminist · literature · creative · original · ensemble · awesome

My overall impression

What a beautiful show! Please do yourself a favor and catch this if you have the chance.

A fascinating adaptation of three different literary works into interweaving stories, that left me wanting more. These are fascinating, relevant stories from voices we do not hear often enough.

The whole ensemble of actors was great, with particularly (and oh so refreshingly) strong yet nuanced female characters. More of this, please! Lots of great dialogue and beautiful moments, both visually and verbally; this speaks to an excellent communication & collaboration between actors, writers and director.

Wonderful direction by Kate Motzenbacker – even with multiple stories going on, they all felt of the same world and tone. The pacing was great – a beautiful balance between tension kept but not rushing through anything either. Well-cast and well-staged, everything served the exploration of the stories being told.

I’m looking forward to following the work of The Others theatre company, and the evolution of these plays in particular. I’m so curious if “Consider the Night” will be turned into one, two or three different plays. If there are multiple plays, will they be connected? (By more than just theme?) Would any characters overlap, or would each play be only from the literary work it was originally derived from?

Oh and I LOVED the brilliantly creative dead body strip-tease number. (How could you not?!)

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