Karate Chop Teriyaki Comedy Show

comedy · karate chop comedy · Ages 13+ · United States

family friendly world premiere

The Karate Chop Teriyaki Comedy Show!
A presentation of traditional and modern Japanese style comedy… in English! A Japanese female stand-up comic and an American male master of Japanese traditional arts join forces and a hysterical clash of comedy culture ensues. The duo performs a variety of scenes ranging from traditional storytelling, stand-up and theater to a Geisha teaser and funky Karate demonstration. It’s fun! It’s wild! It’s Japanesey!
1hr · $12.00 · family friendly · Ages 13+

Production Team

kazu kusano *

producer, writer, performer

michael naishtut *

producer, writer, performer

hanae teshigawara *

graphic designer

* Fringe Veteran