Cecily by Gillian Plowman

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June 28, 2014 original article

My overall impression

CECILY By Gillian Plowman * *

Here’s a short review of a short (50 minues) play which, in spite of its brevity packs a big, emotional wallop. A young girl, physically and mentally disabled due to a motorcycle accident and given to violent outbursts, is tended by her mother and her aunt. The friction in the room is heavy and heart breaking and is voiced with brutal honesty by the two adult women. The story back-flashes to scenes showing the healthy, frivolous teenager of old and the performances are all excellent. What puts a major damper on this work, is that the three fine actresses bear absolutely no familial resemblance to one another. Furthermore, Esther Mira (Cecily) and dL Sams (Ellen), speak the King’s English with a distinct British accent, whereas sister Sheila’s (Dionne Neish) lines have a strong Cockney inflection. I attended the last performance in the Hollywood Fringe repertoire and it is hoped that, with more credible casting, this play will resurface on a local stage for a longer run. The direction is by Christina Ogunada, Founder of Cape Turnaround Productions.

Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre, 5636 Melrose Avenue at Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles 90038. Info:http//14.org1571 or www.brownpapertickets.com/event/689960.

If you have occasion to visit the lovely, intimate Stephanie Feury Theatre, know that it is less than ten minutes from Larchmont Village, a hotbed of fine dining and tight parking. One of the closest restaurants is PRADO, a pretty space serving Caribbean specialties. You won’t see any tropical kitsch in this smart, contemporary spot but the food is courageously seasoned with Caribbean herbs and spices. There’s a short but interesting wine selection, glasses from $7. Starters from $8 (salad) to $13 (Cajun pizza). Exotic fare dominates the menu: Jamaican tamales, Carioca chicken, pollo negro, curried salmon, shrimp in Jamaican black pepper sauce and stuff like that, $16.75 to $24.75. An Argentinean steak is $28.75. Their Louisiana crab cakes are the crispiest, mighty tasty with a bite of Cajun spice, served with home made tartar sauce, rice and a wonderful mélange of diced squashes, onions, corn, red bell peppers etc. If our mothers had made that, “eat your vegetables!” would have been a breeze. Entrée plates come with a tostone, a plantain slice and choice of black beans and rice or vegetables. If your taste buds are tuned to tame over tropical, there’s always pasta. Tomatoes, garlic and basil over capellini with choice of chicken $16.95 or even better, bit, beautiful shrimp, $19.95. Service is very pleasant and there are a few tables on the sidewalk.
Prado, 244 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles 90004. Cocktails, beer and wine. Public parking in nearby lot or, if you happen to spot a vacant meter. Closed Monday (323)467-3871.

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