The Pens Shall Have Their Day - A Dark Comedy

ensemble theatre · rabbits2u · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere
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BRANDON PALMER certified reviewer June 13, 2014
I attended the show with my best friend, it was my first time going to a play and found it to be quite enjoyable. I was confused a bit at first but as the play progressed it really peaked my interest. It was definitely an interesting experience and makes me want to come and view more performances like this. What I found to be amazing is how well everyone on stage worked in the limited space, and how fast they were able to progress from scene to scene. ... full review
KALYNA JOWYK certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: Mary Rachel Gardner · funny · clever · amazing
Encompassing the value of fresh work in Hollywood and pushing the boundaries of the classic play play form, "The Pens Shall Have Their Day" is an outstanding piece written and directed by Lemley Gouger. The casting by Stephanie Phillips is spot on as the female lead (played by Mary Rachel Gardner) quite believably resembles the male lead, and the Anima character's human form (played by Brian Allman). Performing this piece requires energy, stamina, quick wit and strong character work- all of which Ms. Gardner put forth with a ferocious stage presence. Ms. Gardner essentially created three unique characters: that of Anima, a quasi-rendering of Alfred's (Mr. Allman) subconscious and his inner voice of challenge; Nana, a figment within Alfr... full review
JUSTIN JALECO certified reviewer June 16, 2014
The Pens Shall Have Their Day By Lesley was better then amazing! I love the opening because its all fun and funny then next thing you know shit hits the fan, the best play I have ever seen in my life! The play was very funny, very dark, and i didn't want to end. After the play, it got me thinking about my life and all the distraction that stopping me from reaching my goals. All the actor played their role perfect, but I take my hat off to Alfred and Anima for their performance. I strongly suggest anyone to watch this play, you better catch the last showing before you miss out, you won't be disappointed! Give this Play a 5 out of 5 stars!... full review
VALENTINA ACUNA certified reviewer June 17, 2014
The Pens Shall Have Their Day, was such a good show, I enjoyed it very much, I was laughing throughout the whole thing and it had everything I look for in a play. The actors have so much talent and played their part so well. I would recommend it to everyone and would for sure watch it again. ... full review
RAY ALVAREZ certified reviewer June 19, 2014
I was expecting more in my mind at first. Though the play was simple and excellent in the perspective that it was a crucial dark story. As for your performance it was virtuous for some parts. Brian you did know how to synchronize with your character. As well as having the vision to see past the audience. Like if your where looking into the distance. Although it felt kind of cheaply on the acting parts in the moment when you lost your mind of your character. PS your apparition conscious and cashier used the word “umm” in some parts. ... full review
JOJO ROSALES certified reviewer June 21, 2014
I found the play very amusing. It is very funny and at the same time sad. Your acting was amazing, especially how emotional your character was for his run away wife, Marguerite. It was very funny his actions at the store. I love Anima, shes incredibly funny. The play made me feel pity for Alfred. He had everything, but lost it because he was obsess with his runaway wife. The ending was totally unexpected. I thought Anima was just going to abandon him in his misery, but actually taking him away from the face of the earth was wow. Great actors and actresses... full review
BRIAN CHINCHILLA certified reviewer June 22, 2014
It was a great performance. Since we got inside the door the comedy began. While sitting you felt the room come alive with actors starting the performance. Every line was entertaining.... full review
MARIA ALCANTAR certified reviewer June 22, 2014
The play took place in an apartment setting. Alfred the main character could hear his inner self. His inner self would tell him to continue to live as a hard working witter. We wrote about his "family" but reality it was the people around him who influenced him with ideas for his book. He stared to self destruct by using drugs and alcohol as an escape from his reality. The story was brought to an end with his death. The only thing that confused me was his death, what did he die from?... full review