THE FANTASTICKS - the original fringe musical (1959)

musicals and operas · good people theater company · Ages 10+ · United States

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Review by ENCI BOX

June 07, 2014

My overall impression

THE FANTASTICKS was a great way for me to start my 2014 Fringe adventure! A wonderful show with great actors and great directing. The actors were strong enough without a mike to be heard and they all had great chemistry. The mute was a joy to watch as she silently helped actors getting dressed and as she set the mood for each scene. Mortimer and Henry played their roles with such ease and joy, that they could put on their own two-person show and I would go see it. I sat front row next to the harp, which was gentle enough to hear all the actors and it was a great experience for me to watch the harp player rock out to some of the tunes. :-)

Get your tickets and catch this show by the Good People Theater Company! It will be worth your time! And bring the family!

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