I Laughed So Hard....I Cried.....

comedy · dark mark · Ages 18+ · United States

one person show

A one-man show by the only “Goth Comedian” Dark Mark He will make you laugh and be depressed at the same time….
Tackling the topics no other performer will touch such as
Ass Tattoos, Krack Kringle, Elderly Slow Reckless Driving,
Gay Feul,Eminem, Bleeding Nipples, Male Belly Dancers, Bela Lugosi vs Twilight, The bright side of 9-11,
Why ugly men are better lovers,Sex with witches and the folly of falling in love yet again

“Fresh and Unexpectedly Touching”
Hollywood Fringe Festival Pick for 2010 BACKSTAGE MAGAZINE

“A First Rate Comic Who Just Happens to Have A Goth Persona” “GO!” PAUL BIRCHILL LA WEEKLY

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran