EgoManiac - A Poetic Incantation

ensemble theatre · theatre om · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere
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JOE SLEPSKI certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: romance · movement · art · Love · abuse · Growing up
Beautifully choreographed exploration of a relationship. The movement that the performers achieve is amazing. The diverse cast perfectly capture the multifaceted aspects of the central characters personalities as they explore a new relationship, which is built on the foundation of past pains. Highly recommended!... full review
HABEN MERKER certified reviewer June 16, 2014
Egomaniac is a metaphorical journey of love and self discovery, performed through the Greek Chorus style. Directed by Jen Derwingson, and written and produced by Paul Moore, Egomaniac is exactly what the title suggests, a play about an egomaniac. The play has 2 main characters, but the 2 roles are performed by 8 actors, 4 men and 4 women. The male role although coming to some realization in the end, came across as cold, heartless, and egomaniacle, driven only by his sexual desires. Then only finding in the end (spoiler) contentment through god. The female character seemed one dimensional. The audience was forced to sympathize with her (spoiler) when it is revealed she was a victim of child abuse. Although the abuse confession was brilliantly... full review
DORIAN LOGAN certified reviewer June 16, 2014
Egomaniac paying homage to the old Greek chorus style theater was very impressive. This is not easy to do. The fluid movement throughout the the play kept the audience engaged wondering what would the group of exceptional actors do next. Basically the actors take the shape of the whole setting whether in a bar bedroom or beach ,the paint the picture of the poetic evolution of man an woman's love . ... full review
CHRISTINA OGUNADE certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: honest · sad · revealing
I have to be honest, I did not know what to expect coming into this program. But I was pleasantly surprised. The "poetic incantation" of what could have been a Rom-Com without the comedy was refreshing. Love to see that piece again, when it is developed further.... full review
CAROLINE GREEN certified reviewer June 16, 2014
"Egomaniac" explores male-female dynamics in a very interesting way. The group I went with were all moved and it felt like the play was rippling through us afterwards. I felt that the audience could relate to the conflicting voices we have within ourselves such as the "good" self, the cynic, the inner child that longs to be cared for, the player. We can relate, too, to the phases of a relationship, when it's new and hot, when it's unraveling. The actors were very good. I would highly recommend this beautifully choreographed, very smart production. ... full review
KALIE NOELLE certified reviewer June 17, 2014
Paul Moore has written a play that is not only fresh and thought-provoking, but healing for the viewer as well. My experience watching this amazing cast perform went from exhilaration, to a "depth of soul" experience within my own heart. I could see myself in all of the performances, to the degree that I laughed at times saying to myself "I can relate"! The writing is lyrical, and at times shocking! You will not leave this show without wanting to discuss it with your significant other for quite a while over dinner! Bring your loved ones. This show is going places. My sense is it's just the beginning of a long run that will cause the viewers to tell everyone they know to see it, and really, more importantly, to FEEL IT. GREAT j... full review
KERSTIN CONGLETON certified reviewer June 17, 2014
EgoManiac by Paul Moore I was captivated by this play. It displayed one of the best ensemble casts I have seen anywhere. The poetry of language and the kinetic action of the members of the ensemble seemed to fully realize the intention of the playwright. The affection between the actors was palpable. I did not get the impression that the story followed a particular couple though, since the dialogue flitted from one person to another in a (seemingly) haphazard fashion. It was hard to follow the path of development of the characters. My over-all impression was that the play expressed the ongoing dialogue between the sexes in all the mistaken understandings and the occasional insights. In a small black box theater it seems one should hear e... full review
M L certified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: profound · funny · romantic
I feel like I actually learned about love and intimacy watching this show. So glad I went. ... full review
JULIAN SAMBRANO certified reviewer June 18, 2014
tagged as: Relationships · connections · Love · romance · ego · emotional
I thought that Egomaniac was a very honest portrayal of a modern relationship and how we all get in the way of ourselves from accepting love. The actor's were fantastic and really captivated me into this well written story. It showed me a reflection of my own ego in relationships. I truly enjoyed this show and would see it again. ... full review
ANDREA DOLBEC certified reviewer July 01, 2014
tagged as: bravo · Raw · poignant · LIFE CHANGING
I was not prepared for Egomaniac. It was such a raw personal story of the power of love, and the fear that we battle with daily, that keeps us from sharing our love. I, a softie, was in tears at multiple points. I would go so far to say, Egomaniac is a life changing piece, the way one might envision art is meant to be. It crawled into my psyche and made me evaluate how I behave in the face of love. It was so wonderfully choreographed. I was in the front row, and it was an amazing experience to have the actors right there in front of you, so vulnerable, expressed and committed. I can’t say anything more except bravo.... full review