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Theatre Asylum and Combined Artform are pleased to announce the return of the Best of Hollywood Fringe Extensions, providing selected shows from the 2013 Hollywood Fringe a co-produced commercial extension in Hollywood during July 2013. The Best of Fringe Extensions Selection Committee will scour the Hollywood Fringe for productions with artistic merit, commercial viability, and development potential and provide groups with a platform to further develop their work and explore the possibility of longer runs. Winners and schedule will be announced at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Awards show on June 30th at 7pm and will also be available online at

Past winners of Best of Fringe have gone on to tour at Fringe festivals across the country and have enjoyed successful local runs. 2011 participants The Next Best Thing and the smash hit Pulp Shakespeare both received LA Weekly Award nominations and critical praise, while numerous 2012 participants including Rise, Streeptease, and Texas Loves Lyla all extended for further performances after Best of Fringe runs.

All 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival participants are eligible for consideration for a Best of Fringe Extension. Groups seeking to be considered must make available complimentary tickets to the selection team. Performances of the 2013 Best of Fringe Extensions will take place at Theatre Asylum and other participating Hollywood venues between July 8-28.
Matthew Quinn of Theatre Asylum will Executive Produce the fourth year of Best of Fringe Extensions. He is joined by producer Monica Miklas, as well as venue producers Victoria Watson of the Lounge Theatres and Monica Martin of The Complex. Additional venues may be added.

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