Stabilized Not Controlled

solo performance · stage left studio nyc and cheryl king productions · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show

“A writer and actor extraordinaire!”
– Times Square Chronicles

This play enjoyed a 10-month run at NYC’s Stage Left Studio in 2013.

Meet landlord “Killer” Joe and arch nemesis, septuagenarian Lorna Breedlove, a rent-stabilized, recovering sex addict. Drama Desk nominee and recent Ovation Recommended solo performer Frank Blocker creates a laugh-so-hard-your-face-will-hurt comedy about the love of man for his property. The battle rages over a 5-floor walk-up occupied by a Log Cabin-accountant, an aging stoner, The Fake English actress, and homeless squatter Jackie O. Construction all around them and a failing City infrastructure could do them all in. But … Leave Manhattan? Not on your life!

“Anyone who hasn’t seen his one-man multi-character shows should buy tickets immediately.”
– New York Press

“Blocker may be performing a 70-minute show, but he is working harder than most ensembles I’ve seen. His characters’ voices are all distinctive, and he uses a podium and a hand bag to place the characters on a balcony or the basement stairs or in a church confessional. Director Jeffrey Edward Peters is to be congratulated for making all this work as a fast-paced whole. It’s very New York!”

Production Team

jeffrey edward peters *

director, dramaturge

cheryl king *

producer, dramaturge

* Fringe Veteran