Obviously Michael

ensemble theatre · obviously michael productions · Ages 10+ · United States

family friendly world premiere
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TED ZWANG certified reviewer June 25, 2013
Obviously Michael was very enjoyable. There were many memorable lines that resonated with my experiences growing up. It reminded me of having to make the decision about leaving behind some of my child-like behaviors, but in a pleasant way thanks in large part to the charming performances of the Conventions.... full review
NAOMI BENNETT certified reviewer June 25, 2013
With a little work, this show has a lot of potential. I thought the director, Laura Steinroeder, did a great job with the space and the script, and though I wasn't quite clear on what the "Conventions" were meant to represent, the two actors totally kept me going with their energy and commitment. I think with a little time in development, this could be a very tight show.... full review
KYLE WILSON certified reviewer June 14, 2013
Charming play about a misfit kid. What I loved most about it was the way that Michael wasn't only misunderstood or awkward, he really didn't like other people. Of course the play becomes about learning to live with each other and letting people in, which is all good stuff.... full review