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ensemble theatre · l-boat · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States

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June 21, 2013

My overall impression


The life of a twenty-something creative trying to make it in the big bad world of LA is not something to be envied. Working for tips, crying over the degree or MFA you may never get to use – what’s to envy? And yet, somehow, this disparate group of five friends that people Soh-cah-toa manage to have a good time. It’s a cliché, but it’s true – your friends are God’s reward for your family, and probably everything else in life.

So says Lucy, protagonist and soliloquist of the comedy, ‘Soh-cah-toa’.
What’s a Soh-cah-toa you ask? It’s the perfect romantic relationship you’re never going to have. Whether it’s because of distance, other relationships or unavoidable incompatibilities, this is the relationship that will elude you always.
You can try for it, struggle and strain for it, but it will be just beyond your grasp – every time. It’s the hope of which that keeps us going.

Lucy – artistic intention undefined – ruminates on love, life and liquor.
Interspersing the dramatic action between the five friends with heartfelt pleas to the man she believes is worth moving from hook up to relationship, and his heartfelt response that he’s not who she wants – this work will give you a true insight into the trials and tribulations of the modern artist – and young person generally – trying to navigate life and ‘make it’ in a town where dreams are routinely crushed under heels and ‘trying to’ make it is never enough.

Bittersweet and tender, this is a work to make you think. If you’ve been there (meaning being in your twenties ever) and struggled your way out, you’ll reminisce, and if you’re in the mire of it all, you’ll see this and feel relieved that it’s not only you who’s crazy enough to believe you can do it. You’ll take heart and take hope, and leave the theatre a little more buoyed then when you went in.

Review by Edel Corrigan

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