I Never Met A Jerk I Didn't Like

solo performance · tarrt productions · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show
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June 24, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I am in no way a critic on any level and very possibly a cynic when it comes to a one Wo/man show however, with that said, this afternoon I enjoyed such a delightful and truly memorable ‘Theatrical Play’ that was surrounded with such desirable intrigue, an abundance of immense heartfelt laughter…”sincerely”. The play evolved with perpetual shear unbridled creative diversity on so many levels that simply coalesced around the charming unmeasured talents of a brilliant singular woman’s [Tiffany Phillips] performance…that yield cross-gender banter, soulful mesmerizing vocals that simply blended a tangible and humbling perspective from both… that far exceeded the admission costs! The realization of what can only be ascribed as the many individuals that simply finds themselves embroiled and thus mired in their respective pursuits of happiness, finding the right balanced partner, absent the subterfuge, and often circus like approaches to ensnare a woman!!! The producer and actress blend and vision of characters morphing into new emerging relatable people made this performance the masterpiece it is!!! Get out and go see!!!

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