Untitled: We're Doing a Play

comedy · equal acts productions · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere

“Freshness, creativity and novelty.” -Estelle Matranga

“Untitled is reminiscent of Christopher Guest’s classic ‘Waiting for Guffman.’” -Kyle Bruehl

“The humor is a throwback to the classic cornball style of the old weekly TV variety shows, replete with pratfalls, cross-dressing and one endearingly dumb joke after another after another after another.” -Lyle Zimskind for The LAist

It’s two weeks to opening night and there’s no play, but who cares when love triangles, mistaken identities, and a hangman’s noose are involved?! Come see what our moms are calling the “funniest play ever written!”

Watch the Teaser Trailer here!

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Let’s be honest, this hasn’t gone smoothly at all. At first we wanted to do “Stop Kiss” but were denied the rights. ‘We’ being Alli Miller, Michael Willer, and Sarah Haworth. You know, in case you’ve heard of us. Yeah, no one else has, either. So then the idea was to write our own show in the same mood as “Stop Kiss” where we could tailor the story to our limited space (and budget). Those ideas sucked something awful. Enter “Untitled: We’re Doing A Play.” It’s a comedy. It makes fun of actors and producers, drama and romance, love and scorn, and just about everything in between. Trust me, it’s either going to be a comedy or a tragedy.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran