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Sewer Rats at Sea

ensemble theatre · golden ticket productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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“A literary mainstay in the making.”
- Playwright and 24-time NAACP award nominee David E. Talbert

“One of the most intelligent, gutsy and promising female playwrights I’ve seen at the Hollywood Fringe this year and I dare say, anywhere.”
- Tracy Paleo, Gia on the Move

“One of my top 3 favorite shows this year… A sure-fire hit!”
- Bob Leggett, The Examiner

Sewer Rats at Sea explores the degree of reality with which each individual chooses to live their life.

Two people from different worlds meet and find a rare moment with each other, a boy glimpsing a girl’s reality, and a girl glimpsing a boy’s fantasy. The two of them challenge each other through wordplay and philosophy in ways that they have never been challenged before. Inspired by an intoxicating mixture of Beckett’s stark visions, Pinter’s fast-paced repartee, and the dry wit of pulp fiction, Sewer Rats at Sea is constantly pushing boundaries both in genre and in content. Walking the fine line between realism and the absurd, it leads audiences to unexplored regions of their minds — an invitation to bizarre and back again.

The drama plays out on a yacht at sea as characters, trapped, find their secrets slipping out. The tension mounts as one final, all-important secret looms ahead, a truth that will blow everything sky high and into an entirely new perspective.

production team

zk lowenfels *

* Fringe Veteran