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Limousine, Midnight Blue

solo performance · the porters of hellsgate theatre co. · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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ALEX ELLIOTT-FUNK uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
This was a very interesting and memorable piece of theatre, full of evocative language and imagery. It grabs you right from the start with the powerful Zappruder footage and then slowly draws you into its poetic world, tangoing seamlessly from ethereal to gritty while becoming much more than it seemed at first. Mr Hecht's performance is extremely polished and engaging. Its a very dense piece, that makes no attempt to smooth its edges for easy digestion, and one that I feel will reveal much more in additional viewings, and as such, I intend to see again.... full review
NICHOLAS NEIDORF uncertified reviewer June 13, 2013
Having heard much about the original production of this show, I was very excited to finally see it for myself. It did not disappoint, and, in fact, exceeded my expectations. While the show as a whole carries the incredible weight of its subject matter, and is often dark and intense, I was pleasantly surprised to experience moments of levity and humor. The audience (myself included) laughed out loud at several points, and drew back in surprise at others. Jamey Hecht is an incredible orator and brings an immense amount of pathos to his poetry onstage. The accompanying footage is well-chosen and the pacing is excellent. A must-see.... full review
SASHA PASTERNAK uncertified reviewer June 14, 2013
A must see!... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 14, 2013
4 Stars! A must see!... full review
SAVA ELLIS uncertified reviewer June 15, 2013
Jamey Hecht's one-man-show is a fantastic piece of theatre, and a great tribute to the memory of JFK, whose assassination took place 50 years ago this November. Filled with moments of sadness, humor, and tremendous insight, this show will leave you with the feeling that you've been a part of something really special. Highly recommended.... full review
NATHAN WELLMAN uncertified reviewer June 15, 2013
A truly unique evening of theater. What struck me the most deeply about this was that, for me at least, it doesn't focus on the political importance of an American President being assassinated quite so much as the tragedy of a good man being murdered before his time. The poetry makes you mourn him as if he were an old friend of yours. And the images/video being projected, literally forcing you to relive his death over and over, makes it all the more horrifying. This isn't a traditional theatrical experience, with a rising action, climax, etc. It's best enjoyed by sitting back and letting the words wash through you. They'll take you places that maybe you won't be comfortable going, but it's a hell of a ride.... full review