Rodeo Town

ensemble theatre · bellwether bros. theater works · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere
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June 20, 2013
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My overall impression

Rodeo town is a real treat. There’s intensity, great laughs, bewilderment and understanding. When the lights come down and the show begins, it’s one of those moments where you can just feel that you’re gonna be hooked in for a great ride. The characters and their mysteries keep you captivated and puzzled right up until the paly’s stunning end. Graham Bowlin’s writing is very natural and beautiful, embedded with mystery, humor and teeters down to disquieting lows. The actors do superb work with their roles. Every single actor in this play gives a fantastic performance and gives their whole heart. Dustin Gooche is entertaining in that awkward, lost, sad-excuse-of-a-man kind of way. I’m very surprised that I haven’t heard Harry Beer’s name before, because he was such a phenomenal presence. He carry’s a very genuine quality about him, has excellent comedic timing and a charming sadness. Eric Cire delivers such an interesting performance with his charismatic and terrifying role and Dustin Bayers will open your heart as the goofy, naive Kelly. This is one of those shows that you’ll want to see more than once. It’s an affecting and compassionate show with a Sam Shepard vibe that will make you shiver, and give you grief for what has happened to some of us who’ve been left in the outskirts of town for far too long.

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