The Time Machine Musical

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world premiere
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June 10, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I think the reviews here are a little off-base. You can’t argue with taste, but this was obviously a preview, in fact the first public viewing, and the small issues were to be expected (the sound mix, lights, etc.) In fact, we were warned that the issues were still being worked out. It was also clearly a development of a longer piece, which could have been clearer — it would have explained the jumps in story for those who didn’t realize it was a truncated longer work. But writer Steve Altman, director Josh Fardon and choreographer Tara Raucci did excellent work, and the cast is very strong. I’m going back to see it as it develops, and I wouldn’t waste my time (and money) if I didn’t think it’s a fine evening and well worth seeing again. If nothing else, see it for the songs which are, simply, fantastic. And, I’d like to add, I don’t give much credence to any review marked “Anonymous”. It’s easy, not to mention cowardly, to be critical (and perhaps a little mean-spirited) if you hide yourself. UPDATE: Saw it again on Thursday and it was FANTASTIC. Cleaner, tighter, added some material to link the scenes. Just great. A must-see.

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