The Time Machine Musical

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world premiere
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Review by anonymous

June 10, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I love HG Wells’ “The Time Machine” but this was really dreadful. It almost felt like the writer had no idea what it was supposed to be about. The Eloise and the Morlocks mean nothing to me if you don’t set up their world. Where did they come from? Why are they the way that they are? Instead, they spend more time on hippies singing than actual story. 20 songs in a 1 hour version of a show?? Yikes. I honestly can’t remembers single lyric. It’s also never a good thing when people describe a show as “Waiting for Guffman”. Sorry, this show just can’t be recommended until it goes through some serious rewrites. They need to read the book and reevaluate what’s important to tell.

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