To Carry the Child

ensemble theatre · jon courie · Ages 18+ ·

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June 14, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Jon Courie, of “Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life” fame, has written another beautifully crafted play, this time directing it as well with subtlety and understanding. The production is minimalist – almost Zen in its spare staging and simple scene changes – which serves to highlight the drama and power of the words. Lovely acting – this is definitely a family. Great work by Barbara Keegan, Robin Nuyen, Amanda Phillips, and Sara Allyn Bauer. I saw the very first performance, and already there was a sense of ensemble and an understanding of where the story was going. I expect it will get even better as the actors settle in and have time to find the many sweet, sad, funny and bitter nuances in this piece.

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