DeMystifying Magic

solo performance · bob gebert · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show
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JESSIE GAUPEL uncertified reviewer June 15, 2013
Demystifying Magic was a sweet, engaging and creative piece of theatre that left me with a smile on my face as I left the venue. Mr. Gebert intricately weaves his magic tricks into every scene with specific purpose. Every trick was used to convey an idea and tell the story rather than just to awe the audience. Mr. Gebert's character, Richard Ryder, is fully formed and is easy for an audience to love. We sympathize with him and also care about the things he cares about even when they are not present on stage. The show is also wonderfully intimate. It felt like everyone in the room got to participate in some way and Mr. Gebert gracefully breaks the fourth wall which immediately pulls us into his world. I would highly recommend Demystif... full review
BRIAN HENNIGAN uncertified reviewer June 16, 2013
Super magic effortlessly woven into an engaging tale of love and life. Gebert's creates a poignant character who laughs, suffers and triumphs as the 20th century unwinds. A hugely enjoyable night out.... full review
STEPHEN VISOCAN uncertified reviewer June 16, 2013
Bob Gebert does a great job with this piece. The magic is fantastic and at the same time the story line is intriguing. I found myself wondering.. "What is going to happen to this guy?". If you want to go to a magic show, a one man theater show, or can't decide between the two, this is perfect for you! ... full review
BETSY MOORE uncertified reviewer June 16, 2013
I liked this show pretty well. Combining a magic show with a play is a cool idea but I thought the story was a bit trite. The magic tricks were mostly old classics, but enjoyable, and I particularly liked the way Gebert interacted with the audience. He also does a very good job of portraying the magician at different ages and I thought the magician's first magic trick was adorable.... full review
ADAM ROTENBERG certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Combining a one man show with magic is something I haven't seen before and I was very much inspired with how Bob put them both together. It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication to not only write, create and perform a character (throughout 80 years of his life), but to add in the craft of magic is something quite wonderful. ... full review
ROD DAMER certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Bob Gebert has deftly woven his love for magic and acting into "Demystifying Magic," a story about second generation magician Richard Ryder reflecting on his life and career on the eve of his retirement. The magic tricks, sprinkled throughout the show, are savory treats as we get to see Gebert, the magician, ply his craft while playfully interacting with his audience with the ease of a veteran performer. But "Demystifying Magic" is more than just magic tricks. It's a story of love - personal and professional - spanning a lifetime, which Gebert, the actor, skillfully portrays from enthusiastic five-year-old, to dapper cereal pitchman, to pensive sage. Look for Ryder's description (in his testimony before the House Un-American Activities... full review
ASHLEY PLATZ certified reviewer June 13, 2013
This is so much more than a magic show. Moving, engaging, funny, and truly magical. This show has so much heart... Did I mention there's magic?... full review
SHANE ROTHMAN certified reviewer June 13, 2013
When first walking into this show, I thought I would be learning how some magician's do their tricks. However once the show started, and I realized it was really a show about the life and career of a blacklisted magician, I became immediately engaged. Bob gives a heartfelt and endearing performance as the magician, "Richard Ryder." Not only does Bob take us on a journey of his life, but he also performs tricks for us, and tells us how this "trick" is not just a trick, but a significant moment in his life. The magic was fun, the performance was great, and the story was touching, I definitely recommend this as a must-see show! ... full review
JIM ABNEY uncertified reviewer June 19, 2013
Wow! Two for the price of one! A great magic show, as well as a excellent solo drama performance. Don't miss it!... full review
JONATHAN COOGAN uncertified reviewer June 24, 2013
What a fun and interesting show. A lot of work went into making this story come to life with a bunch of great Magic throughout the show. It's a great show!... full review