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Love Actually Isn't

ensemble theatre · dan johnson · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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June 17, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

This show was funny, heartfelt and relateable. It left me thinking about relationships, love, and the paradigms we give them in our society. There were some very strong acting. My complaints are about more technical things. The transitions between scenes took several minutes each. It was a long time to be sitting in the dark watching people move furniture. The sets were very realistic, but I think could have been more simplistic if it would have moved the show along quicker. The designation of space in Post-Fabulous and Double Date was unclear at times. I think better use of the depth of the space could have been made to create a more 3 dimensional picture so it would have been more clear where the characters were in relation to each other and their environment. Overall, I enjoyed the show!

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