Love Actually Isn't

ensemble theatre · dan johnson · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere


Love Actually Isn’t is a collection of four one-act plays about love, doubt, closure and compromise making their debut at Hollywood Fringe. With nuance, tenderness, and a cutting sense of humor, Love Actually Isn’t explores the healing and the heartbreak in our search for love or its closest approximation.

  • Cold Feet: A woman gets surprising insight into her parent’s marriage at her father’s funeral, which happens to be the day before her wedding.

  • Post-Fabulous: Four single forty-year-old gay men find themselves at a bar on 18+ night, chasing love, their youth, sex, exes, and each other.

  • Leftovers: Two seventysomethings meet on a blind date and try to decide if the possibility of a second chance at companionship is worth the hassle of adjusting their routines. And TV schedules.

  • Double Date: A recently divorced couple run into each other at a restaurant. The wounds are fresh. The blood flows.

These plays are a funny, sad, and clear-eyed exploration of love that fell apart, love that never happened, and love that’s just around every corner.

Production Team

dan johnson *


jen olson *

production manager

* Fringe Veteran