Me, Myself & Why (Am I Here?)

Solo Show · maria margaret wilson · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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GARRETT MENDEZ certified reviewer July 03, 2024
High energy one woman show with zero f*cks given for judgment. Maria exudes confidence as she guides the audience through a diverse set of thought processes that most people would find insane.... full review
ANDREA YARLETZ certified reviewer July 02, 2024
I was beyond impressed, not only is Maria a magnificent, hilarious being, but she's full of depth, humanity, love, and courage to showcase her experience that helps us all relate to the human experience ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 01, 2024
Hilarious, relatable, creative... full review
ALEX MISITI certified reviewer June 30, 2024
tagged as: entertaining · moving · hilarious · relatable
Wildly entertaining and incredibly relatable. ... full review
RORY DERING certified reviewer June 30, 2024
I got to see Maria Wilson’s one woman show Me Myself & Why. Acting off of herself in multiple roles, including a voice over narration and videos, Maria was great at jumping from herself to a redneck, baby, caveman and genie just to name a few. The story was poignant, sometimes sad but always very funny and helped get every audience member out of their shells. I’ve never felt so inspired by a person in a full body suit before but Maria is truly a talent in both performing and writing.... full review
ANDY SERA certified reviewer June 30, 2024
Having never seen such a show, I'm not sure how to describe my experience. The world of theater is quite unfamiliar to me. That being said, I will say that I found Maria Margaret Wilson's performance to be very raw and powerful, and yet she captured my imagination in a fun way. The emotions expressed were honest and felt very authentic. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 30, 2024
tagged as: original
Haven’t seen a great staged show like this since Broadway, this one truly carries the essence of what comedians should be focused on. Maria Wilson’s artwork/craft is a true example of what comedy is and what needs to carry on. ... full review
HEATHER WINTER certified reviewer June 29, 2024
tagged as: hilarious · funny women · humor · Comedy
Absolutely LOVED this show!!! It was fun, upbeat and hilarious! Maria did an amazing job of telling us her story in a way that felt raw but also incredibly comical! This is a must see!! ... full review
SHAH MARTINEZ certified reviewer June 29, 2024
tagged as: Raw · wild · whimsical · introspective · witty
Truly amazing performance by Maria Margaret Wilson! It was beautiful, vulnerable, witty, introspective, and utterly delightful. Maria provides a playbook for finding your inner joy. This is a masterful blend of whimsy, introspective comedy with sharp, spicy humor and engaging physical comedy. It is an open invitation to revisit your inner child. Overall, the play is a profound, humorous, and wonderfully self-aware expedition into the complexities of personal transformation. ... full review
MAURA MITCHELL certified reviewer June 29, 2024
tagged as: fun · absurd · Raw · real · relatable · honest
Maria Margaret Wilson makes you not feel like an alien on planet Earth anymore. She gives you a reason to feel that everything is ok and life is a JOY!!!! What an existential rollercoaster of absurd comedy, deep and honest heartfelt issues, relatable human melodrama, and spicy humor…all culminating in the most ecstatic of healings that feels at once both personal and universal. I was blown away and this production deserves 100% of all of the great hype it is receiving. Bravo!!!!... full review