Me, Myself & Why (Am I Here?)

Solo Show · maria margaret wilson · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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Review by B VEE

June 13, 2024 certified reviewer
tagged as: incredible · solo · meta · surreal · absurd · Comedy

What I liked

The themes, the characters, the physical comedy, the HEART, the rawness, the ability to take the pains of life and make a show feel so cathartic, you didn’t know you needed it. I loved how it SHOWED the story in very silly, metaphorical ways rather than it being served to me like bullet points.
It never once stopped being entertaining for me.

What I didn't like

It was a very specific tech note, but not related to the performance, itself.

My overall impression

I’ve seen A LOT of solo shows, but none like this. This show is unique. It’s unapologetic, absurd, hilarious, clever, so smart, moving, and sincere – without feeling cliche. It actually inspired the hell out of me to LIVE and to do so, messily. The physical humor is on point. There’s so much variety, I can’t even count how many things happened, and I loved each one of them.
It was incredible on its own, and then a multimedia character bit of Maria took place near the end that had me rolling on the floor.

Maria is a DYNAMITE performer and I got more than I could have imagined. She has talent that can’t really be taught. She was born to do this.

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