Me, Myself & Why (Am I Here?)

Solo Show · maria margaret wilson · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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JASON REDLITZ certified reviewer June 26, 2024
Absolutely blown away. Maria’s energy, presence and, most importantly, her focus was magnetic and a joy to witness. 10/10 best show of Fringe.... full review
RACHEL PERLIN certified reviewer June 25, 2024
This show was phenomenal. Maria was an outstanding performer: vulnerable, brave, hilarious, fun, etc. I was extremely engaged and impressed with how well the show flowed and kept the audience laughing every other second. I only wish I was able to see this show again, IT WAS THAT GOOD. Really loved the video clips, especially the tea party part with the 3 versions of herself. The different characters she created were each unique, hilarious, complex and entertaining. I hope this show can continue!... full review
DANIELLE OWENS certified reviewer June 22, 2024
This show has everything!! Humor, introspection, costumes, crowd interaction, musical numbers, even a floating head. Maria is an engaging and delightfully hilarious performer. The journey her character is on is relatable, hysterical, and satisfying. ... full review
LUKA LYMAN certified reviewer June 19, 2024
What a spectacular performer! This person has an incredibly strong presence and comfort on stage, easily inviting the audience to join her in all the fun zaniness and vulnerability that she shares in this show. We were so along for the ride! The show was ultimately uplifting which the performer embodies so fully that I was dancing during my exit (and I wasn't the only one). A real gift of this performer is how her fantastically heightened characters bring humor to what can be uncomfortable revelations. Through the humor and some audience interaction, the house is invited to evolve along with the performer and transformation occurs on the magical black space of a stage. ... full review
RAMONA MUCCIOLO certified reviewer June 19, 2024
This performance absolutely blew me away as well as everyone in the audience. Maria is beyond talented, she walked us through her life, we laughed a lot, cried when you felt her pain because you too have felt like this, Truly AMAZING. Do not miss seeing her final performance!... full review
EMMA ESTRADA certified reviewer June 19, 2024
One of my top 5 must-see shows of Hollywood Fringe. Maria is an absolute firecracker. She delivers an equal parts moving, hilarious, and meaningful show in under an hour. I was blown away by her acting abilities, her comedic timing, her physical comedy, and the writing. This woman is figuring her sh*t out and we get the pleasure to watch and absorb it all. I left wiser, happier, and lighter than I came in. I've been dancing ever since. ... full review
THOMAS BAXA certified reviewer June 19, 2024
Maria Margaret Wilson created an amazing show that is vulnerable and poignant, that we can all relate to at different times of our lives. She delivers her message, a representation of inner struggle, wrapped in humor, high energy, and pointed wit. I recommend following this woman and her powerful voice.... full review
ZAKARY RISINGER gia on the move certified reviewer June 18, 2024
This show may be the closest thing to finding the meaning of life! Such a vulnerable and intimate show. This experience truly has reminded me what theater can truly be. I left the theater knowing I had a hardy laugh, loads of fun, and awareness of how to search for my own way to truly live. The heavy motifs at play were so extraordinarily portrayed in the most comedic manner and yet the show never lacked depth in drama. Consider me extremely inspired by this absolute emotional rollercoaster. I think this show may be the highlight of my summer!... full review
B VEE certified reviewer June 13, 2024
tagged as: incredible · solo · meta · surreal · absurd · Comedy
I’ve seen A LOT of solo shows, but none like this. This show is unique. It’s unapologetic, absurd, hilarious, clever, so smart, moving, and sincere - without feeling cliche. It actually inspired the hell out of me to LIVE and to do so, messily. The physical humor is on point. There’s so much variety, I can’t even count how many things happened, and I loved each one of them. It was incredible on its own, and then a multimedia character bit of Maria took place near the end that had me rolling on the floor. Maria is a DYNAMITE performer and I got more than I could have imagined. She has talent that can’t really be taught. She was born to do this. ... full review
FIORELLA VESCOVI certified reviewer June 15, 2024
tagged as: deep · innovative · hilarious · existential
What a powerhouse of an artist!!! Maria Margaret Wilson is coming in strong and unapologetic! Incredible show, a story of rebirth that will leave you this woman inside my head?!! impressive visuals, brave and innovative. You will be inspired to look deep within yourself to ask similar questions the artist asks herself. This one-woman show investigates the inner turmoil of a late-30s existential crisis with silly yet smart characters. Bravo Maria! Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability! ... full review