Solo Show · rahvaunia · Ages 11+ · 55 mins · United States of America

one person show
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HAROUT ARISTAKESSIAN ARISTAKESSIAN certified reviewer June 24, 2024
I absolutely loved it! I thought she did an amazing job in communicating such an insidious virus in a comical, digestible, and profound way! The advocacy and the ardency in her artistry is evident through her gesticulations and her in-depth knowledge about the science of HIV. ... full review
FAS TAX REALTY uncertified reviewer July 16, 2024
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TYRA MAI certified reviewer July 10, 2024
This show was very funny, educational, and entertaining. It brings awareness to a very important issue! ... full review
TANYA DICKSON certified reviewer June 30, 2024
What a tremendous solo show - it is very important indeed, and a top notch solo performance !... full review
CASEY CARROLL certified reviewer July 01, 2024
Loved the subject and the way the story played out with so many characters!... full review
JACKIE YANGYUEN certified reviewer July 01, 2024
tHis Is Very important brings humanity to people affected by HIV, and puts names and faces to a highly stigmatized disease. Seeing the different ways in which these women of color responded to their diagnoses and found acceptance and healing was beautiful to witness. ... full review
MELANIE CRUZ certified reviewer June 30, 2024
The name of this show says it all! Rahvaunia put her whole heart into the show, and you can feel her passion and dedication in every moment. It can be easy to forget that HIV and AIDS are still very much a public health concern, but Rahvaunia makes sure that we don't.... full review
DJ WEST certified reviewer June 30, 2024
tagged as: theater · art
I was floored by this work of art. Ms. Johnson is a powerhouse with a large scope for what she wants to talk about and how she does it. ... full review
MCKENSIE LANE certified reviewer June 30, 2024
I loved Rahvaunia's ability to switch between characters so seamlessly. From the voices to the physicality, she truly committed to each character. My favorite section was the last act. I was very touched by that story in particular and impressed by her work embodying those characters- across wide age ranges, genders, and physicalities. ... full review
CARYL INGERSOLL certified reviewer June 30, 2024
It’s very important that you see this show! Very well acted, very well written, and a very important message. Bravo Rah! Well done! A show you must see. Loved it!... full review